Incense Mixture New Beginning 2020

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Imparts strength and opens up for new things!


Incense mixture with:

  • White sage
  • Palo Santo
  • Hibiscus flowers
  • Incense
  • Myrrh
  • Mugwort
  • Lavender
  • Rose petals

40ml jar with cork closure.

A description of the ritual and content is attached to the order

Color: white (clear glass) / height 42.5 mm / diameter 54.5 mm

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Incense mixture new beginning 2020

The ritual

Use the time until the coal has burned properly to write two pieces of paper:

On the note write everything you want to let go: old energies with which you have nothing (more) to do, worries, burdens, problems etc. - describe and formulate them as specifically as possible. This is a time when you can say what bothers you and what you want to let go! This note is taken along with the cleaning and then burned - the worries “dissolve in the air”.

White sage

The white sage smoke is said to have cleaning and clarifying effects. Native Americans generally use the incense plant in important consultations to bring it to the best possible conclusion. They also smoke the herb to drive away bad spirits. Even today, the use of white sage is an integral part of making it easier for participants to focus before meetings and to clear them of the everyday. It is also used to support energetic house cleaning after moving in or after stressful events.

Palo Santo

The Palo Santo from South America is a wonderfully fragrant incense with a balsamic fragrance. Palo Santo wood has a strong energetic cleaning power old incense of the shamans which was used for ritual purposes. Its use among the Indian population goes back to thousands of years of tradition. it is said that the evil spirits shy away from this characteristic scent of the resin contained in the wood, whereas good spirits find it pleasant. Palo Santo is considered a panacea for immune defense. The wood is said to drive away evil spirits or negative energies of all kinds.

Hibiscus flowers

The hibiscus is a smoky plant that emits a scent when burned, the smell of which is unique and particularly floral. Its mode of action is mood-enhancing, harmonizing, exhilarating, euphoric, invigorating, which means that the flower has a balancing, protective and exhilarating effect.


The fumes of the different types of frankincense all spread a spicy-balsamic scent when burned, which is differently pronounced and provided with some nuances. The smoke that is released when the resin is burned has a cleansing and uplifting effect on the human mind. The resin also has many positive healing effects.


Myrrh is the pure resin of the myrrh tree, which is actually more of a shrub than a tree. Myrrh means bitter. The wise men from the East brought gifts of myrrh, frankincense and gold. So they brought the most valuable gifts back then. Myrrh supports letting go of old burdens. Likewise, the myrrh incense creates a sensually stimulating atmosphere and at the same time grounds. Smoked in the evening, it brings peaceful sleep and promotes relaxation.


The smell of mugwort develops a bittersweet, clear, heavy scent when smoked. It has an energetic cleaning effect and helps you to open it with its help. Helps to let go of the old and let go and activate your own healing powers to heal yourself in body and soul. In addition, mugwort helps with changes in life and coping with grief and letting go.


The floral, floral and spicy fragrance is wonderfully clear, aromatic and slightly reminiscent of bergamot and lily of the valley. Lavender has something cooling and relaxing, at the same time the scent ensures that we keep a clear head, which is why it is also good for concentration. It strengthens the nerve power in the event of nervous restlessness and difficulty falling asleep. It also clears the room air and has a disinfecting effect and promotes energetic clarity.

Rose petals

In alchemy, the rose was a symbol of wisdom and a clear mind. It is invigorating and relaxing at the same time. This gives them inner peace and tranquility. At the same time, they dispel negative energies, remove fears and make you confident. The dried petals were used for smoking.


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