Fortuna Bracelet

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The pink Andean opal can reduce shyness or inhibitions and makes you more friendly and open-minded.

Healing stone: Pink Andean Opal (Ø10 mm & Ø8 mm) + stainless steel pearl with energy spiral (Ø11 mm)

Bracelet: on elastic band

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Fortuna Bracelet

The pink Andean opal or pink opal - the stone of true love

He was already considered by the Incas as a saintly stone, who saw in him an eye of the gods, left by them on the earth, to remind people to live in harmony and concord. .

Even today, the Andean Opal in Peru is worshiped as a healing and protective stone.

Mentally he acts by pure viewing and physically by placing on the affected body parts. Worn as a necklace, the Andenopal is particularly effective in the heart area.

Psychic effect

  • can solve thought blocks
  • strengthens memory and memory
  • reduces shyness and inhibitions
  • makes you friendly and open-minded
  • strengthens the affection for other people
  • promotes real love
  • dispels depressive moods and fears
  • gives spontaneity
  • strengthens the desire for eroticism and sexuality
  • works for problematic matters of the heart
  • gives enjoyment of life, gentleness and insight
  • helps to recognize wrong love
  • supports positive thinking and feeling
  • helps with various emotional hardenings
  • tolerance increases missing heart warmth

Physical effect

  • good heart stone
  • works to support the digestive system
  • stimulates the glands of the gastric mucosa
  • relieves discomfort in this organ area
  • sets the metabolism in motion
  • acts to prevent anemia
  • works on hepatitis or alcohol-damaged liver
  • Causes inflammation of the liver to subside
  • faster healing of wounds and scars
  • improves the overall control processes in the body
  • supports the pancreas
  • promotes metabolic processes
  • balancing effect on the pineal gland

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