Transformation Bracelet

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The malachite provides for transformation that penetrates particularly deep into our soul and brings the unconscious feelings to the surface.

  • Healing stone: Malachite (bracelet Ø 10 + 8 + 7 mm) + stainless steel bead with energy spiral (Ø11 mm)
  • Bracelet: on elastic band (length of bracelet = 19cm - we are happy to change it on request)
  • Color malachite: depending on the direction of the light, from light green to yellow green to deep green
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The malachite ensures transformation that penetrates particularly deep into our soul.

It brings the unconscious feelings to the surface and helps with self-doubt as well as reducing uncertainties.

It also helps with psychosomatic illnesses that have to do with repressed or unwanted emotions.

Emotional effect:

  • improves imagination
  • ensures better comprehension
  • gives understanding and strengthens the ability to love
  • dissolves negative experiences from the past
  • strengthens the female attraction
  • improves one's steadfastness
  • generally helps with feelings of insecurity
  • cleansing power on the soul
  • ensures balance and joie de vivre
  • promotes self-actualization
  • arouses hope
  • strengthens the connection to nature
  • promotes honesty to yourself
  • helps to remove mental blockages


Physical effect:

  • helps with bone diseases, e.g. Rheumatism, disc problems, inflammation of the joints
  • has a relaxing effect on chronic diseases
  • strengthens the heart muscle and the cardiovascular system
  • cleansing effects on the organism
  • promotes development in children
  • has a detoxifying effect (also mental)
  • has an anti-inflammatory effect
  • activates the self-healing powers

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