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    Reichtumsring® - THE ORIGINAL

    €99.99 €119.99

    With Feng Shui to individual wealth and success!

    • The ring is made of 925 sterling silver and fine silver plated. In addition, the words Success and Wealth are engraved inside the Wealth Ring.
    • Sizes 50-78

    >> DETERMINE YOUR RING SIZE << or you can also order a ring scale scarf.

  • Vitality Energy Pull...


    The smoky quartz has a scientifically proven, particularly harmonizing, tension-relieving and energizing effect.

    • Healing stone: Smoky Quartz (bracelet Ø 4mm - faceted stone pearls) + stainless steel pearls + stainless steel leaves with energy spiral (Ø 10 mm)
    • Bracelet: Length of bracelet = 25cm continuously adjustable
    • Number vibration code 1884321 for vitality and health
    • Color of smoky quartz: dark brown to black
    • Weight: 69 g (including box)
  • Regeneration Energy Long...


    Jade is a particularly important and fabled healing stone for harmony and balance.

    • Healing Stone: Yellow Jade (Necklace Ø 10.5 mm + Ø 8 mm + Ø 6.5 mm) + stainless steel pearl with energy spiral (Ø11 mm)
    • Necklace: length approx. 86 cm
    • Color jade: includes all shades of yellow
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    Saturn Year Protection...


    The Tourmaline is considered to be the strongest protective stone against negative energies and promotes the pursuit of harmony and clarity in life.

    • Healing stone: Colorful Tourmaline (Ø 4 mm faceted)
    • Leaflets Ø 5 mm with energy spiral and numerical oscillation code 71042 for protection
    • Necklace: length approx. 45 cm with lobster clasp
    • Color Tourmaline: multicolored
    • Weight: 59 g (including box)
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    Growth Energy Set (Short...


    The ShouShan gemstone belongs to the types of jasper and brings inner harmony, satisfaction and understanding.

    • Healing stone: Shoushan Stone (bracelet Ø 10 mm - necklace Ø 10 mm, 8 mm, 6 mm) + stainless steel particles + stainless steel pearl with energy spiral (Ø 11 mm)
    • Bracelet: on elastic band (length of bracelet = 19cm - we are happy to change this on request)
    • Necklace: length approx. 46 cm + 5 cm extension
    • Shoushan Stone color: turquoise, cream, brown
    • Weight: 89 g (including box)