Energie der Worte

Energy of words - wish fulfillment bracelet, wealth ring and Co.

“In the beginning was the word”, this sentence is already in the Bible. After more than ten thousand attempts at his water crystal photography, Masaru Emoto found that water changes its vibration through the power of words.

Our body consists for the most part of water (cell water / blood). If you direct the “right” words to specific points in our body (cell water), these change our vibration. The entire universe is subject to the phenomenon of vibration: everything vibrates at its very own frequency. The natural law of resonance or attraction says that we only pull into our life what we send out with our natural frequency / vibration.

Achieve your goals with the energy of words

Indulge in the energy of words with my intelligent jewelry and accessories. Express your positive attitude towards life and benefit from the phenomenon of vibration. I would also like to recommend the wealth ring to you here. This noble piece of jewelry combines classic Feng Shui with the energy of words. Or opt for the “I am divine” chain for more protection. The wish fulfillment bracelet reinforces wish fulfillment, love and wealth. The energy spiral of the wish fulfillment bracelet is charged with wish fulfillment energy on every full moon night.

The balance chain is particularly useful for boosting energy. With the power interchangeable medallion and the phrase “I can do it” you have a wonderful piece of jewelry for all situations that will help you to achieve all your goals. As you can see: With my products such as the wish fulfillment bracelet or the wealth ring, you have not only found the ideal companion for all situations in life.

Wish fulfillment bracelet, earrings "I am divine", wealth ring - order intelligent jewelry online now

My pieces of jewelry such as the wealth ring or the wish fulfillment bracelet are also ideal gifts for special people. Try it out and you will see that valuable people are grateful to you for the positive energy of vibration.

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