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Feng Shui: jewelry and accessories

Feng Shui is a more than 3500 year old Chinese science, the aim of which has always been to create harmony between people and their environment. The Yin-Yang principle plays a central role in Feng Shui, as does the flow of energy Chi.

The principles of Feng Shui can not only be applied in the home or in the garden, there are also Feng Shui guidelines for jewelry and accessories: The metal element reinforces the energies of prosperity and wealth. The circle with a hole in the middle strengthens the energies of success. The mirror or a very smooth surface are used to accelerate the energy flows. It is known from teaching on the harmonization of humans that a closed ring worn on the middle finger (without a stone or opening) bundles energy and promotes success and wealth. Women should wear the ring on their right middle finger and men on their left. This results in a Ying-Yang balance, as the right hand is assigned to the male and the left hand to the female gender.

Energy amplification: wealth ring, wealth wallet and more

With my Feng Shui jewelry and accessories I would like to give you tools with which you can strengthen your own energy. The jewelry is equally suitable for men and women and can be easily ordered in my online shop. For example, you can opt for the wealth wallet with an embossed vibration code for the attraction of money energy, choose the power interchangeable locket with gold-colored or silver-colored plate or find something completely different for yourself or a loved one in my shop. My Feng Shui and the accessories are very suitable as a personal element to express yourself or as a gift idea. You'll see, it's worth it!

Wealth, prosperity, success ...

Express your positive attitude towards life with my intelligent pieces of jewelry and accessories. Love, joy, wealth, abundance: I stand for all these positive aspects of life with my self-designed intelligent jewelry.

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