Activation Necklace BODY AWARENESS + frequencies

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The activation necklace body awareness was charged by the naturopath Albert Ruch with selected frequencies for energetic weight regulation.

Healing stone: White Magnesite (pearl Ø ca. 8 mm)

Healing stone necklace: Length approx. 76 cm plus approx. 11 cm stainless steel cuff with numerical codes 4812412 and 1823451 for weight regulation and with amethyst tassel

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Activation Necklace BODY AWARENESS

The activation of the Sanskrit type gemstone necklaces takes place through:

  • the energy of the stones
  • the number vibration code on the stainless steel cuff
  • on the energy spiral, the appropriate energy is sent in the full moon nights
  • the amethyst tassel stimulates play, as we absorb the energy through the fingertips, which leads to the dissolution of blockages

The tassel

  • is the protection node
  • the marking of the beginning and end point

Great pearl

  • is the "guru pearl"


  • The activation necklaqce protection and body awareness were also charged by the naturopath Albert Ruch with selected frequencies for "protection" and the "solution of constraints" and for "weight regulation".

Healing stone beads Ø approx. 8 mm, chain approx. 76 cm + cuff + tassel approx. 11 cm


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