Activation Necklace LOVE

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Healing stone necklace: Length approx. 76 cm plus approx. 11 cm stainless steel cuff with numerical code 285555901 for love and with amethyst tassel

Healing stone: Rose Quartz (pearl Ø ca. 8 mm)

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Activation Necklace LOVE

The activation of the Sanskrit type gemstone necklaces takes place through:

  • the energy of the stones
  • the number vibration code on the stainless steel cuff
  • on the energy spiral, the appropriate energy is sent in the full moon nights
  • the amethyst tassel stimulates play, as we absorb the energy through the fingertips, which leads to the dissolution of blockages

The tassel

  • is the protection node
  • the marking of the beginning and end point

Great pearl

  • is the "guru pearl"

Healing stone beads Ø approx. 8 mm, chain approx. 76 cm + cuff + tassel approx. 11 cm


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