Change Energy Necklace

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The amethyst cleanses body and soul and gives inner peace. He converts everything negative into positive - everything blocking is released!

  • Healings stone: Amethyst (necklace Ø10 + 8 + 6 mm - partially faceted) + stainless steel particles + stainless steel bead with energy spiral (Ø11 mm)
  • Necklace: necklace length 85 cm
  • Color amethyst: from light lilac tones to a very dark purple hue. The dark purple stone is considered particularly valuable.
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Psychological effects:

  • breaks down energy blocks
  • turns bad thoughts into positives
  • strengthens concentration
  • helps against inner fears
  • calming effect
  • strengthens perception
  • relieves from mental stress and anxiety
  • makes you brave
  • promotes trust in ourselves
  • works against inner restlessness, nervousness, stress, hectic
  • strengthens willpower

Physical effect:

  • detoxifying effect
  • against skin diseases (allergies, acne; neurodermatitis
  • helps with nerve-related pain
  • has a stimulating effect on the metabolism
  • helps with dyslexia
  • against hysteria, anxiety neuroses, epilepsy
  • supports the reduction of addictions (alcohol / smoking)
  • helps with head and stomach pain
  • against stomach pain
  • helps with sleep disorders (by breaking down too many thoughts)

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