Harmony Ball Necklace Silver/Gold

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Rock crystal faceted, Ø approx. 30 mm, approx. 200 ct.,

Incl. Milanaise necklace made of surgical stainless steel

Necklace length approx. 70 cm

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Harmony Ball Necklace

3396815 3396815 is the number code that lets you change your world!

  • This number code sends positive vibration packets to the subconscious
  • Number codes are impulses that we give into our world.
  • The Harmoniekugel consists of rock crystal, which is said to have the highest vibration transmission.

The TCM doctor Zhi Gang Shah has found that the Mandarin number 3396815 puts us in the most effective harmony vibration.

Both Kabbalah and Islamic Sufis, Russian healers and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) use numeric codes.


  • Take the ball firmly in your hand
  • Imagine the desired situation until you have it clear in your mind.
  • Speak in thought three times the number to the presented situation.

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