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The middle finger represents wealth and success.

In the Feng Shui, wearing a closed ring - ie. a bandring without stone and opening - is recommended at the middle finger, so that the money does not "run through the fingers", but stopped and bundled. Women wear the ring right, men left ...

  • Inside the wealth ring, the words SUCCESS and RICH are engraved and work according to the principle that words, according to the research work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, influence the vibration and in the frozen state the structure of the water. Since we consist of at least 70% of water, we put the words success and wealth into their vibration.

  • In addition, the ring is charged to wealth and success in every full moon night, with wealth-long-distance energy, and the focus of the energy spiral is strengthened by the energy symbol. In this time of recharging, all wealth ring carriers are connected in the morphogenetic field of success and wealth.

  • A ring is always a connection, such as friendships and wedding rings to another person. These rings are worn on the ring finger. The wealth ring creates the connection to individual success and wealth by carrying on the middle finger.

  • The success and wealth ring is made of 925 sterlingsilber and is additionally silver-plated.

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